The Third arm is a safety/convenience product designed to assist any tractor operator to attach the lift arms to an implement safely and efficiently. It’s a plug and play product, you simply plug into three pin 12V auxiliary power point and the user then has full control of the lift arms via a two button remote control fob from the safety of the cab.

The Third arm eliminates the risk of serious injury and fatalities by removing person from the crush zone between tractor and implement.

  • Universal appeal.
  • Easy to install.
  • Full link arm control at driver’s fingertips.
  • Reduces downtime in attaching implements.
  • No requirement for second person

  1. On quick release lift arms, simply release one stabiliser leaving the other stabilised. The rigid arm then needs to be aligned with the ball on the implement. The user will have full control of the other lift arm for initial hook up.
  2. On fixed ball lift arms, you simply release both stabilisers; extend unit using both electronic and mechanical adjustment if needed until arms clear the pins. Reverse tractor in and use the unit to pull the balls on to the pins.
  3. Once initial hook up is completed it is now time to attach top link and remove unit. It is not designed to act as a stabiliser.

It is designed to suit categories 1 to 3.

Unit is powered using a 12V linear actuator, which in turn is powered by the tractors 3 pin 12V auxillary power point.

It is controlled via a 2 button remote control fob

Electronic stroke is 20cm. Mechanical adjustment is 12cm.

As it has electronic components the unit should be stored in dry and clean environment.