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The Third Arm, developed by Philip Dickson, an experienced mechanic and trained farmer has been designed to reduce the risk and optimise the process of attaching implements to the standard tractor 3-point linkage.

  • Reduces the risk of putting somebody in the “crush zone” between the tractor and implement

  • Saves time moving from cab to lift arms to align implements

  • Full lift arm control from the safety of the cab via remote control

  • Powered through your tractors’ 12v connection point

  • Easy to install Plug and Play device

  • Durable, robust device

Check out the video below to see The Third Arm attaching implements with ease.


New Model Coming 2021



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Farmers Weekly Inventions Competition 2021

The Third Arm was runner-up at the Farmers Weekly Inventions Competition 2021. The Inventions Competition attracts the best innovations from both Ireland and the UK and The Third Arm faced stiff competition.

“Beef and sheep farmer Philip Dickson has invented a neat tool for remotely adjusting a tractor’s link-arm width when hooking up. The so-called Third Arm tool drops over the link arms and has a linear actuator in the middle that shifts them from side to side to line up with the implement.”

"One of the standout entries at this year’s Innovation Arena from a farm safety perspective is the Third Arm device, which is developed by Westmeath-based company Dickson Agri Solutions.
The Third Arm works as an add-on component to the three-point linkage at the back of the tractor, allowing the driver to have full control of the link arms on the tractor via a remote control from the safety of the cab. The product is designed with two goals in mind."

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"Put simply, the device is intended to enable an operator to move a tractor’s lift-arms closer together (or further apart) from the cab – at the flick of a switch.
The idea is that the device can make it easier to attach a mounted implement to a tractor – from the cab."

"The unit is powered off the tractor's own electrical auxiliary and features a small powered ram for widening or narrowing a tractor's lift arms into place when attaching a three-point linkage implement.
Philip grew up on a farm and is an engineer by trade. He came up with the invention in a bid to make his father's life easier and reduce the risk of accidents."

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“Beef and sheep farmer, and mechanic, Philip Dickson, has designed The Third Arm that improves safety and efficiency when attaching implements to a standard tractor with 3-point linkage.
With this tool, the operator can adjust the tractor’s link arm width remotely. It is placed down on the lift arms, then the power point is plugged in, and the control unit/remote is left in the cab.”



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The Third Arm has been successful in a number of agricultural innovation competitions to date.

Farmers Weekly Inventions Competition 2021

  • In 2021, The Third Arm was runner-up at the Farmers Weekly Inventions Competition 2021. The Invention Competition attracts the best innovations from both Ireland and the UK and The Third Arm faced stiff competition.

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Awards 2020

  • Each year Enterprise Ireland co-ordinate the well-known Innovation Arena Awards at the National Ploughing Championships. In 2020 the awards took place virtually and The Third Arm picked up the Farm Safety Award for a start-up company. This involved a rigorous judging process with some of Ireland’s leading industry players.

Tullamore Show 2019

  • In 2019 at The Tullamore show, The Third Arm won first place in the “Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry” section with the first iteration of The Third Arm.

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In 2020 The Third Arm successfully received backing from Enterprise Ireland in the form of a €50,000 investment through the Competitive Start Fund. The investment came as a result of a series of pitches and a detailed business plan which Enterprise Ireland and The Third Arm team see long-term international growth in.



The Third Arm has featured at a number of Ireland's leading agricultural trade shows including the National Ploughing Championships and Tullamore Show. Our presence has drawn large crowds of interested farmers and contractors from Ireland and abroad.

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